Love in an elevator


I know I am supposed to be writing my elevator pitch, but all I can hear in my head is Aerosmith’sLove in an elevator“. Buggered if I know why, but the harmonies and lyrics really grab me. When I listen closer, I can almost get a sense of the message that I need to hear. I can  see your amused grin as your mind starts moving along paths that involve turgid flesh, downwards sexual adventures and my pitch.

Mind out of the gutter!

What I am hearing is a message couched in Steven Tylers deep throated vibrancy.

Workin’ like a dog fo de boss man
Workin’ for de company

Oh, I have done that, worked hard, believed in the integrity of my peers and then like Ceasar, collected a fine set of steak knives between my shoulders. Most of the folk I worked with were good people, it was the bad ones that tainted the wine. The good ones helped me grow and heal after each knife blow, they made the working like a dog bearable.

I’m bettin’ on the dice I’m tossin’
I’m gonna have a fantasy

No secret message there, I just need to take a chance follow my dreams. The problem is I have so many dreams crowding me that I loose track of them and they each push for a moment n the spotlight. For a moment, I was going to plan how to deal with this, some cunning prioritization strategy that will help my dreams line up in a logical order. One thing I have learned about myself since writing this blog is that planning has been getting in the way of me doing.

But where am I gonna look?

A good point and one that is rather obvious. I need to look inside myself. The answer should be there, the dreams already there.

they tell me that love is blind

Not really sure what you are saying here Steven, however watching you dart inside the elevator with that saucy lip-smacking grin has given me a hint. Follow your passion, you don’t need to see, just feel it. Ok, that was a long stretch, but I am tired, so how about we move on.

I really need a girl like an open book
to read between the lines

Bingo! I just need to speak to my wife! She is seriously an amazing lady who has the ability to help me refine my dreams and follow my passions. (you can check out her writing here With her by my side, I know that whatever I choose I will have one person that will pull the silverware from my back, rather than plunge it in.

Hmmm Living it up….

So where was I? Don’t answer that, as what I know I should be throwing out there my elevator pitch. Something about what I could bring to the table and inspire you to work with me, or maybe follow me.


My pitch is rather simple, I will smile openly and hold out my hand to shake yours. I will ask about your day and how’s it all going, and then I will just listen. That’s all. I may never see you again, but I hope that you will remember the moment a stranger introduced themselves and listened. Perhaps one day you will introduce yourself to another stranger and listen to their story.


Do you care? Do you care?
Honey one more time now it ain’t fair.
Love in an elevator
Livin’ it up when I’m goin’ down

Yes, I care.


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